Our Skulk

"A group of foxes is a rare and lovely sight, beautiful to behold. But if you need something shorter for everyday conversation, a group of foxes is called a skulk" - A guy on the internet

This is our skulk:

Breedlove Guitars

Our wonderful sponsors Breedlove are the makers of our Myrtlewood Oregon Concert guitar whose soft tones and full sound have become trademark of all Fox and Bones compositions.

Dutch Records

Our Portland based record label Dutch records! We're stoked to be releasing our third studio album with them in November 2020!

Rola Music

The ambassador of American music to Europe, Dominik Schmidt and Rola Music are the mojo behind our European tours and a major driving force behind our upcoming singles.

Ear Trumpet Labs

The Portland mic company responsible for supplying us with our beautiful, hand crafted "Josephine" microphone. Ear Trumpet Labs creates stunning work, handcrafted in our hometown.

The Rye Room